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At Wiccon we love what we do. We help companies improve their business through web development and branding. No matter the size of a project, we deliver with great enthusiasm and passion. We work with agile methods, resulting in active and healthy relationships with our clients. We don’t blindly follow a recipe. We break it down into the ingredients, add a few spices and cook not only what you want, but what you need.

Our process

  1. Appetizer

    Grab a cup of coffee and establish a relationship. A brief discussion on how we can help you make your business grow.

  2. Discovery

    Now we ask and listen. We want to know more about you and your idea. We seek inspiration and gather ingredients.

  3. Design

    Time for the visual development, the creative solution to your idea. We review and refine the recipe until you are as happy as we are.

  4. Develop

    Let’s cook. We build it, test it and make sure it works the way it should.

  5. Delivery

    Almost there. We show you everything you need to know, making sure the delivery and launch go as smooth as possible. Dinner is served.

  6. Party

    We have the formula to transform coffee in to beer. Let's celebrate together.

Andreas Wickberg


Acting like a friend, treated "Like a boss".

I am the CEO at Wiccon and have studied systems science, accounting and management. To shoulder the responsibility of steering a hungry team in a young company I have to stay on my toes and keep my eyes on the target while I am chasing it. This is something I bring to the customer when I see you next week. ;)

I am very proud of my team, they still listen to me which in itself is incredible, since I am "a funny guy".

+46(0)73-694 44 33

Erik Brandt


My biggest interests is in marketing strategy. To hear about an idea, develop a strategy with marketing and branding and see a project become successful is amazing.

I believe it is the small details that determines a business success. Therefor, I always work hard and carefully to succeed with every tiny part of a project. To develop this, all the people I meet and together with our great team at Wiccon is every day a good day.

On my spare time I play football. Maybe that´s why I love working with people? In addition to this, I am also studying economics, where I focus on marketing and strategy.

+46(0)73-085 26 81

Mansoor Ahmad

Sr. Developer

An all-around web aficionado with 5 years of experience working on exciting projects with exciting clients. Full of energy, experience, hard work and enthusiasm, always looking for new challenges.

Sees technology as a way of facilitating and improving communication between people and understands that people come before technology. A whizz at .NET,HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Databases and more, so plenty to offer yet plenty still to learn.

Expecting laughter, fun and lots of tea.

+46(0)10-33 000 66

Wael Maowas


They call me "Walle" ;)

I am a software engineer with 5 years of university studies, I have worked with Syria's biggest insurance company before I got to Wiccon. I specialized in Oracle and such things, you know, big stuff.

I mainly worked with PHP early on, lately more .NET and MSSQL. I utilize all the latest techniques to build perfect web and systems.

On the more personal note, going to Sweden is great mainly because of two reasons, who knew... Hockey is great! And the amount of different brands of beer isn't so bad either!

+46(0)10-33 000 66

Daniel Wahlstedt


Coming soon ;)

+46(0)10-33 000 66

Andreas Mörk

Away from keyboard

My interest in developing came about when I started to develop apps on my own. Nowadays I'm a WordPress and Front-End Developer here at Wiccon and work mainly with CSS, Javascript and PHP, with the ambition to become one of the best in my field.

I am a software engineer with 5 years of university studies, I have worked with Syria's biggest insurance company before I got to Wiccon. I specialized in Oracle and such things, you know, big stuff.

I'm passionate about coding - how it works and how you can create awesomeness with it. I like to listen to chip music while coding and get inspired by Elon Musk, Ray Kurzweil och Dolph Lundgren. My thoughts sometimes wanders outside the screen and I can find myself reflecting about the color code of the sky.

When I'm not having fun with zeroes and ones you can sometimes find me at the gym or in the indoor swimming pool.

+46(0)10-33 000 66

Viktor Mörk

Away from keyboard

I'm engaged when it comes to web development, front end development is my area where I mainly work with HTML, CSS and Wordpress.

Design is something that lays close to my heart. I listen to what you need as a customer but I'll also bring you suggestion from my point of view if necessary during the work process.

If I get time over, I cook, bake or practice one or two sports.

+46(0)10-33 000 66

Martin Jakobsson


Fullstack (mainly backend) developer that has worked here at Wiccon since the beginning of 2016. Usually spend my time working with all that comes within the .NET framework.

On my free time, like many else in this business I have a big interest in technology, but like to read or work out to plug out once in a while.

+46(0)10-33 000 66

José Morén

Sr. Consultant

I have for many years worked with project management, training and consulting services in many organizations. I have also worked with quality management in particular Spain, Israel, England and Japan. I see myself as an entrepreneur and multitasker!

My strong commitment and attitude can be explained with one single word and expression, the Japanese word 'Giri', which stands for duty and obligation, in English it is defined as "to serve one's superior thought or the self-responsibility to a commitment”.

I work at Wiccon as a senior method and organizational consultant.

+46(0)10-33 000 66

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