App Development

App Development

iOS and Android, native and Hybrid!

We are your local team, internet is always local. Our HQ is in Örebro Sweden with 2 hours to Stockholm, 3,5 hours to Oslo and Gothenburg and 4,5 hours to Malmö and Copenhagen.

We develop apps for industries, startups, for end users, apps with purchases, finansial tech apps... Well, some of the most sophisticated systems literally. Example being fintech, systematic fire safety and all the way down to alarms. We have some of the it-startups I am sure you have heard of, some of them is noted on the stock market and all of them started with just an idea and a mindset.

We are highly diverse in our way of development, we have the production phase kind of apps for companies as well as the beautiful end user apps. The hybrid apps and the native ones. We work with our clients from drawing board and prototype all the way up to amazing services and usually helping out the newly built organization around the app and the services.

We build for iOS and Android in both native and in Hybrid. We don't have limitations and we always try to give you the absolute best value for each invested dollar. Since we develop in both native and hybrid and aim to work with our clients for many years to come we build apps that can scale up without issues and build a foundation the client needs. (Not the one we know best.) We build function just as well as high end design and premium. All integrations you might need can be served for finansial technology, bank-integrations, payments, shops and orders.