iOS and Android, native and Cordova!


We develop industrial apps, startups, consumer apps, apps with purchases. Yes really.. we do like everything.. Wiccon is the developer behind some of the most sophisticated systems for systematic fire protection and personal alarms. We are also the developers behind a car app for students as well as the operation of an entire city center.


We are multifaceted, in other words we can do everything between heaven and earth. We wait patiently for you, as an industry, transport company, private person with the world's best idea or why not a driven sales organization to call us. On the apps side of our business we take you all the way from sketch to finished product. We help you build your platform while we have a clear business focus! Return on Investment is a recurring concept in the app world as it often aims to streamline or increase sales of products / services. We build iOS and Android in native or in Cordova. We have no limitations and adapt the products to what you as a company need.


We can make the seemingly easiest installations as well as we can do the most advanced. In short, we can build a cost-effective light weight product for you with the functional need as well as we build a "high end premium" designed service with the highest wishes. Systems with payments of all its kinds and integrations straight into the cash register system is not a limitation with us as we have many years of knowledge of system development that supports the apps we build.