Web presence, corporate way of showing their best side first. Give a good first impression.


Two main parts when talking web, it is a regular web page that displays information and helps customers make the right decision by shopping your products or services whether it is through retailers or if it is about consulting services.


Trading on the web is number two, SAAS, Software as a Service. Service companies that sell services on a monthly basis are becoming more common, what is needed to create this? Firstly, you need the system itself and it needs to be customized and structured for the web. Secondly, you need a well-balanced web page that your users find useful.


Did we say SAAS by the way? Clearly you should have it in all languages ​​and systems for which agency is responsible for which country? - It no longer costs to prepare a web page for this when you do, but it is expensive and stupid to change afterwards. (Read more about it here) Interact - customer support A web page can be so much more today than a static page with 10 years old information.


Sufficiently large companies can, without further effort, staff a chat that significantly reduces the distance from potential customers or already existing customers and you as a company. Interaction can be much more like support via social media or even managing their news flow on their website through the company's Facebook account. Design - what do you communicate with?


When it comes to design, we have worked with various advertising and design agencies all over the world, the biggest focus on Sweden and the USA. Design is something we convey, we put together our packages together with you as a customer. Design is thus something that Wiccon itself does not do, but there are always agencies with absolute excellence in the respective areas that help us and in many cases even those who hire us.