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What we want

Are you Maverick from Top Gun? Welcome to join our team! If not, we are always looking for other talented people. We want you to be passionate and enthusiastic about what you do. If you are looking for a place that values your individual contribution and is open to new ways of doing things, Wiccon is the place. Being open to the ideas of others and be willing to both learn from and teach your colleagues are values we aim for. Resumes are great, but we are fans of real world examples. You don't need to have a diploma in rocket-science, show and tell us what you can do and why you belong with us. The door is always open. Also, be sure to take a look at us already working here to get a better glance of our culture.

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Working at Wiccon

Wiccon is located in the centre of Örebro, Sweden. We are so close to Örebro's finest restaurants and pubs that we almost can smell today's lunch and order a pint through the office window. Because of our diversity of creative and strategic backgrounds, we complete and learn from each other. There is always someone to get inspired by. At Wiccon we appreciate an environment with a lot of laughs, where everyone feels passionate about the work we do and where we find more solutions than problems.

We are always looking for talented people... or animals.
partners... or freelancers.

Send us a mail, call us or come over. Let us know why you belong with us


  • A group of talented people

    At Wiccon you will work with a highly qualified team with a wide range of talents. This diversity gives us the opportunity to co-create great products which enriches people's lives.

  • Phone of your choice

    Communication is important for us and our clients - just to make sure you always will be reachable we hand you your phone of choice.

  • Inspired by music

    Spotify or Rdio - which do you prefer? At Wiccon we love music. Music inspires us, we inspire others.

  • Free six pack

    Almost, you need to go to the gym and pump some iron. We take care of the entrance fee. Sometimes we buy other six packs - a reverse thing.

  • Magazine

    Sure, we like the digital stuff, but sometimes it can be nice to get off the screens for a change. Cuddle down with a nice cup of coffee and read a magazine, the old fashioned way.

  • Choose your own gear

    Of course.