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  • Andreas Wickberg

Latest at Wiccon is that the whole business is leaning towards financial technology and integrations regarding banking, world wide remittance sophisticated multi money receiver platforms... well... that sounded like a mouthful. So let's break it down and explain it a little.

First case, A big brewery company have a new beverage, they want to promote it to their customer group through a big network of bars. Let's say each bar check in the sample beverages which the consumer gets for free. In one payment we could administrate reimbursement to those bars.

Case number two, let us say an old money transfer organization want to spice their list of payment methods up and want to charge their customers with for example Swish(Sweden) or its equivalent in other contries. This is one of our companies most frequently asked questions at the moment by the way. This is something we can help with.

Case number three, Online betting and actually all kind of sports betting is also a part of these MMT services. Lightning fast transactions to not tie down capital through any and all known ways of paying/getting paid.

Case four, lets say you build a new service which handles food on internet and you want to split money transactions in immediately saving all those administrative costs. This is something that is more and more common today, we split payments on real time basis between platform and restaurant.

This does of course not rule our a normal web shop. DIBS is for example one of the services we use on a daily basis all the way from a simple web shop to the most complex system.

  • Andreas Wickberg

Hello world!
-"I will be the first to say that we have been neglecting our English version of our site..."

For a while now we have been speeding up and making more business all over the world and we have had what we call high season.

We want you, if you are a developer of a few years of experience and love to do almost impossible things. Which for you is easy of course.
We want both front-end and back-end applications, a huge merit would be if you work and live in Sweden. Speaking the Swedish language is not mandatory for our back-end positions, for our front-end it is a huge plus.

Send your application to jobs@wiccon.se

-A.Wickberg - CEO

  • Andreas Wickberg

Nothing is easy, all the men and women you see running big companies with huge armies of staff began with nothing. Maybe not everyone but most! First there is an idea, then there is action followed by a string of tasks like market research and understanding the competition.

If you are serious about starting your own IT-startup and have watched Silicon Valley on TV you might think that there is an abundance of misunderstood brilliant young engineers around every corner. You could not be more mistaken!

In Europe alone the predictions are the same whoever does the market research, in 36 months we will have 200 000 engineers missing(too few). That is only in Europe! What does this mean for you? Well first off, getting a team of guys to join your cellar for no pay with promises of shares in a company simply won't work, there are too many options and the young talents today want more than this.

Secondly, here comes the kicker; you don't need them! Everything is being developed, including the development languages and development programs. What took a team of five guys a year to accomplish can now be done with a very small project group in a month or two. Getting you started on your IT-endeavor at a much much lower cost is not a dream any more. The bribing of young engineers is over, the time has passed.

Wiccon is a company whose services you probably Googled for without knowing it, we build IT-startups. That is right, we ARE the team in the basement working our asses of literally all hours of the day. We are those engineers who educated ourselves with the sole intent of being the startup guys. If you ask a guy who was an engineer early on with a startup he has a lot of knowledge right?
-At Wiccon the teams doesn't split up, they stay the same and we have 3-6 startups every year now for 7 years.

What have we written so far. 1. There is no spare engineers to be had. 2. There is not necessary to give away to much of your company early on. 3. Probably way cheaper to hire professionals. 4. Wiccon have extensive experience being on the development side of startups.

Not convinced, just drop us a line or give us a call! We build everything from heavy systems within international money transfers to graphical engines and hardware applications using sensors and stuff :D. So far, we have had great challenges but in the end we have always succeeded.

//A. Wickberg - CEO Wiccon

  • Andreas Wickberg

As previously mentioned we have a City Core Management system which maintain more than a few functions and structures for accounts, customers, statistics, stores, offers and other loyalty enhancing products which need stamping/tagging in phones.

We just made a new "batch of freshly brewed functionality", to a customer in Ireland based on the CCM. What could be more suitable than a service for bars and restaurants?


We should never stop being amazed on just how strange some business relationships start. Our Irish friend was sent between several companies within the development and voucher community before reaching Wiccon. We were the first saying "This sounds ridiculously advanced and hard to grasp, that is AWESOME, lets do it!" We talked with the Irish customer about this and I am proud to say that a little bit of hubris influences this text. We just don't seem to know when to back down from a challenge! And write about that hubris in our diary of course!