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  • Andreas Wickberg

Fairytale warning:
At the end of 2016, Wiccon was approached by an Alarm provider that provides software alarms for private persons as well as government and defense industry. Many years of development had given them 26 areas of service. As we all know with software there is always legacy code between projects and teams. We was asked to provide the financial technology, one of the things we at Wiccon pride ourselves at being pretty good at.

Once in our hands we could not only suggest a new business model for the company, we could also re-brand the application and it's whole infrastructure to make it safer and more secure. During 2017 we made a new platform and migrated it to new hardware saving the Alarm company 80 % of their server costs.

Wiccon has been granted the CTO chair, an outside consultant firm got the "Chief Technical Officer" seat, almost unheard of. The fairlytale doesn't stop there, Wiccon also became a proud co-owner of the Alarm company.

Don't be afraid of change, it doesn't matter who you are, we will do everything within our field of expertise to help you and your company reach new heights!

  • Andreas Wickberg

We travel quite a lot for our clients and trips coming up where we have extra time to meet you is Helsinki and Brussels.

The trips and stays will both be before February end and we have had a few wishes on "meet and greets". We still have time for 1-3 more start-ups or companies this spring, if you are one of those companies in need of world class services within app, webb and systems development. Don't hesitate to leave your name and number on our contact page. Just please leave country code too.

Hope to hear from you!

  • Andreas Wickberg

For soon to be 2 years we have had business opportunities again and again on Ireland. During 10-12 January we are back in Dublin to both deliver a project but also to talk about future stuff.

Fun facts about Ireland is that even though you can drive from one side of the country to the other in 2 hours they host some really big companies and have a really friendly attitude. For example, a couple of our suppliers we hire regularly Facebook and Apple have offices there.

I would say Microsoft and Google, but ... we haven't had contact man to man yet.

Ireland is beautiful, and a country with entrepreneurs. Usually small entrepreneurs, the kind we love and cherish. Those are the ones that usually want to change the world the most. I know we are going to meet our old customers there, let's wish for some new ones as well!

  • Andreas Wickberg

Do you have the best idea ever or are you simply driven beyond imagination. OR you want something developed, system, fintech, security, really advanced stuff and want to come in contact with those engineers that make something great from nothing?

We are Wiccon, hungry and driven engineers who have helped to build everything from epos to international money transfer system from nothing. All great stories we come across is based on innovation or that someone is angry. Yes, ANGRY. The best ideas can actually be those things where you ask yourself "Is it actually supposed to be like this!?!"... If you ask yourself that question again and again, more people feel the same. FIX IT WITH AN APP. Or a system!

Apps and systems for professionals, for consumers or for loyalty. We make it, all of it! We are looking for the future entrepreneurs. We already know a lot of them and the last 7 years has been a good ride but we are hungry for more.

This post is simply for you who loves business, making stuff but need help with development and programming. We have the skill and the know-how. You just need to know the business and have a good idea and hopefully some of the right contacts.

We work all over our round planet, we have delivered systems all the way from Australia, Germany, England, Ireland and USA. Not to forget Sweden where we are based at.

Check out App Development
Check out Systems Development
Check out Innovation

Leave your phone number and mail address and we will get back to you, if you are in another country. Please supply the right country code. Sweden is +46, you probably have your own.

Love and peace!

  • Andreas Wickberg

Wiccon is buying Append after Append has had a troublesome period. Wiccon is buying Append and moves three specialists over to our office. One Senior developer, one iOS developer and one Android developer.

With the purchase Wiccon will resume responsibility for all started and not finished projects, all customers and all personnel.

We give news on a more frequent schedule on Facebook Gå till facebook about the purchase and the transition. We also introduce the new employees and shortly also the new clients. All clients will resume work with their already made contacts and/or have more resources available to them from Wiccons existing team.

Good news for all customers, Wiccon now offer both hybrid and native app development in combination with systems development of the highest of levels. Append wasn't unknown to Wiccon since they have been supplying Wiccon with app development services on a number of clients. The teams are already welded together and the transition is already going very smooth. The difference being that they are all under the same roof.

We face 2018 with open arms, please feel welcome to contact Wiccon, now even stronger!