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  • Andreas Wickberg

In 2014 there were a couple of young gentlemen who in July contacted Wiccon because they had some extra time, they wanted to start a company and were angry that some things did not work better.

By 2015, we went live with their start-up, 2017 only 2 years later they were valued at 250 million and took 30 million into venture capital.

We wish you all a great summer, soon JULY, you know that month when nothing happens! (or)

  • Andreas Wickberg

Wiccon and Strateg who is a part of Diplomatgruppen has after a few very awesome conversations a new strategic partnership. Together Wiccon can consider Strateg and her coworkers family, and of course, Strateg can consider us family as well. With this partnership Wiccon will have 110 creative designers, art directors and generally awesome people next to us for those times our clients is in need of that "little extra" in terms of thoughtful and planned design.

You know when colors and tech moves in perfect harmony, when the beautiful button actually does as intended. Well we already did that, but now we do it as a family with tight communication with lesser time in managing between team. In turn for you as our customers this means quicker production time from drawing board to prototype.

Strateg has expressed their joy in having a team of developers that create and build those advanced things on board and representing their team. We could say that our puzzle pieces match perfectly!

  • Andreas Wickberg

During the beginning of April Wiccon visited the Balkans, Sarajevo to be exact. Normal business as usual but a sub-initiative was to kickstart our expansion into what we call "up and coming countries or regions". Wiccon has been searching for a driven person with high knowledge of the local country/region. Our model is to inject knowledge and ready made systems/saas-services worth millions. This way the local software company can start up with "limited/no money into software development" or "early on investments".

The profile of the person we have been looking for should match what we call "Content Magician", that person who can communicate flawless with images and text. The tech behind the web/app/systems/servers shouldn't be a part of his/her job. Writing for marketing campaigns, leaflets, web and sales teams should be the core expertise of our Content Magicians.

Wiccon has signed on with our first Content Magician in the region, her name is Danijela and she can definitely be trusted with communication, copy writing and graphical design in the Balkans. First thing first; in the beginning of May an education by HQ-Sweden will be held in Frankfurt and she will know the systems and SaaS-services Wiccon have developed and also a few from our Partners. Wiccons on-boarding process is fairly complex, we expect the Balkan division of Wiccon to be fully operational in August-September of 2018.

Danijela and the new Wiccon-Balkans will offer the local area our full suite of services using Wiccons systems and SaaS services with the support of our engineers in Sweden. Danijela was recruited due to her many years of working as a Journalist on top of a double diploma in Journalism and Graphic Design. We could say that we are very confident that Danijela will produce text and graphics to the highest of standards.

Wiccons goal is to open many regions like the Balkans where there has been war or political/religious confrontations for too long, or poverty... We believe in building up companies locally, inject our knowledge and by doing this create more business for everyone.

Do YOU know a person that fits the description of a Content Magician who lives in a region that fits "up and coming"? Have them read this please!

  • Andreas Wickberg

Fairytale warning:
At the end of 2016, Wiccon was approached by an Alarm provider that provides software alarms for private persons as well as government and defense industry. Many years of development had given them 26 areas of service. As we all know with software there is always legacy code between projects and teams. We was asked to provide the financial technology, one of the things we at Wiccon pride ourselves at being pretty good at.

Once in our hands we could not only suggest a new business model for the company, we could also re-brand the application and it's whole infrastructure to make it safer and more secure. During 2017 we made a new platform and migrated it to new hardware saving the Alarm company 80 % of their server costs.

Wiccon has been granted the CTO chair, an outside consultant firm got the "Chief Technical Officer" seat, almost unheard of. The fairlytale doesn't stop there, Wiccon also became a proud co-owner of the Alarm company.

Don't be afraid of change, it doesn't matter who you are, we will do everything within our field of expertise to help you and your company reach new heights!

  • Andreas Wickberg

We travel quite a lot for our clients and trips coming up where we have extra time to meet you is Helsinki and Brussels.

The trips and stays will both be before February end and we have had a few wishes on "meet and greets". We still have time for 1-3 more start-ups or companies this spring, if you are one of those companies in need of world class services within app, webb and systems development. Don't hesitate to leave your name and number on our contact page. Just please leave country code too.

Hope to hear from you!