Projects & clients


Most people in northern Europe have been in contact with, seen or lived in a house where one or more PAX products have been present. Pax and Wiccon have been in contact since the fall of 2011 and started working together in April 2012. The initial contact was marketing solutions but quickly fell over to pure development.


Challenge & solution

The first session, approximately 2 months, went in one direction were we built a new site accordingly with Pax's old brand. During the summer and early fall of 2012 Pax, SDL and Wiccon changed the whole direction and aimed to become the new Pax. The strategy was to take the design, brand and of course the infrastructure behind their new site to the next level all together. We suggested the CMS Umbraco and started to build file imports/exports, pages, media libraries, log in functionalities for warranties etc. Funny fact, the menu

itself is not built but shot in from Pax business system and group codes. Some advanced algorithms later we have a fully functional system which can be reloaded in any language. This is however how we built the reseller area - lists are exported into excel and shot into the Umbraco/.NET foundation and interpreted. Massive amounts of raw data fall into place easily. The site itself is multi lingual and responsive. It is currently and always being fitted with more functions to help customers, resellers and electricians with appropriate information.


In a close relationship together with Pax we've rowed this boat to shore. Today Pax has a modern and smart website in several countries, which serves its purpose beautifully. Visit their website for a closer look.