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We bring expertise in business and system development. Our professionals have several years of experience which makes them suitable to find the best solution for your company.

We are a company based in Örebro Sweden which focuses on web-, app- & systems development. We work passionately in close cooperation with our clients, and we create professional products, services and digital experiences which engage.

Our team has experience in different creative and strategic positions, which helps us to communicate our client’s brand as effectively and engaging as possible. Our current customers trust us because we provide  high-quality service according to their current needs. 


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A mobile App today comes in many forms and colors but that is not defining if it is good or not.

Are you thinking about starting your own company with an APP being the primary service you work with? - Well you'll need to break through to the market, and we can help with that.

For the last 10 years we have to build engaging products within most areas. We have the top 5 questions that need to answer by now.


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Fintech is one of our strongest areas we work within, system that handles money or transactions at a high rate. It can be anything from Uber to Swish or our own start-ups we built from ground up Like Transfer Galaxy or Petkeeper.

Fintech and all kind of plattforms where private persons or companies exchange money with each other for services is where we have our home field advantage.

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Before there were digital systems, we kept the written data very systematic. The only thing that the digital made for us is that we can now better control permissions, rights and search patterns, safer and in a tenth of a second.

Digitization is at full speed everywhere and the systems contain more "fun stuff" today, we work a lot with gamification where we visualize the results and prognosis for the employees if they reach their results and focus much on the "User Experience" so that this intuitively navigates right on the first attempt. A well-thought-out system for employees is the best investment a company can make.

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The web is not dead, even though our mobiles take up more space and everyone is talking about apps, we can admit to ourselves that Google is king. Google and the web are the reason why anyone searching for our products or company profiles for spontaneous applications.

We build our web pages with a small admin system behind, you simply log in and change / add. Everything mobile adapted of course!